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Andrew Baines was born in Colchester, England in 1963, immigrating to Australia with his parents shortly thereafter. Initially they settled at Para Vista in South Australia. It was here where his mother became aware of his early talent for art when an astonished kindergarten teacher showed her an aerial perspective drawing of the area the Andrew lived in.
At the age of eight Andrew and his family moved to the coastal suburb of Grange, where the beach became a major part of Andrew’s life. Fishing from the jetty after school, long walks on wintry afternoons with the family and dog, swimming lessons and lifesaver nippers on the weekends, and my favourite and most profitable pastime, beach combing. Everyday bought new treasures. Jewellery, money, antique keys, exotic marine carcasses and old wine bottles containing strange messages. Come summer holidays, the family packed bags and headed off to find new and unexplored beaches. Cobowie on Yorke Peninsula, Rapid Bay, Normanville and Kangaroo Island. The ever changing beach became a metaphor for his life.
Andrew left school at sixteen and began work at John Martins retail store. He painted back drops for window displays and at Christmas helped to produce the magic cave. At John Martin’s, he met his one and only love, now his wife, Jacqueline. When they first met, his wife didn’t know a lot about art, but over the years she developed quite a passion for art (luckily) and has become the back bone of Andrew’s career.