James Lavoie

James Lavoie is a glass artist born Edmonton, Alberta. Early experiences with drawing and pottery laid the foundation for his sense of design and three-dimensional shape. He has worked with glass since 1978 – many years of producing work in ‘cold glass’(stained glass) taught him about colour, composition, texture and density. He later experimented with ‘hot glass’ (blown glass) and came to appreciate the speed and spontaneity of that creative process, the ability to manipulate the flow of colour and form. But he eventually found his passion of expression through the ‘warm glass’ medium of kiln-firing.


James is best known for his visually distinctive and technically challenging kiln-formed glass. His work illustrates a steadfast appreciation of simple design and attention to detail that result in pieces both sophisticated and elegant, enhancing the inherent qualities of the material. His studio is located in Edmonton, Alberta.