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Across the Pond
30" x 34"
Oil on Canvas
Across the Pond
Daily Daisy
Line Dancing
Marching Along
Four Girls on The Run
Do a Little Dance
Life's Work II
Tug of War
Swing Set
Creating my little girls with yellow hats
Home in the Hills
Tango B
Tudor Manor
Home Quartet
Folk Dancing
Painting a Portrait
Minyan II
Carbon Copy
7 girls
Red Flower
Merry Go Round
Birthday Girls
Surf's Up
Building a Sandcastle
At the Beach
Over the Hill
Hockey Girl
Bass Player On
How do you Do?
By the Light of the Moon
Are you being Served
The Kiss
In the Blue
Purple Bows
4 in a Row
Holding Hands
Hat Vack's Horse
Cha Cha
Caught in the Middle
Ring around
La Diva
Swing in the Gate
On the way to school
Women in the Window
Red Houses in the Distance
In the Studio
Mini Putt
We are Family
Waiting in line for the Merry Go Round
Ring Around the Rosie
Girls Running

Leonard Creo

The Shayne Gallery is the Exclusive North American Representative of Works by Leonard Creo.

Creo was born in New York City, grew up in Hollis, took courses at the Art Students League, while working in advertising. Returning after World War II, Creo continued his art studies in New York. He summered in Gloucester where he painted with Emile Gruppe.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Creo’s work was sold at nearly two dozen one man shows in New York, Los Angeles, London and Rome, as well as in other galleries world wide. In 2004, the New Britain Museum of Art exhibited the Len Creo painting in its collection, which led to its acquiring 15 Creo paintings in 2006. Plans are under way to exhibit those recently acquired at the Bushnell Center in Hartford, Ct. Creo’s work is in the permanent collections of the Washington Museum of Fine Arts, New Britain Museum of American Art; Amherst College Museum, Georgia Museum of Fine Arts; Long Beach Museum of Fine Arts; Norfolk Art Museum; Syracuse University Museum;.Ulrich Museum; University of Maine; NYU, University of Wyoming Museum; Washington Museum Of Fine Arts.

His one-man exhibitions include ones at the Shayne Gallery, Montreal in 1981-82,1985,1989, and annually from 1991-2005, and 2007; seven at the Portal Gallery in London in the 1960s and 1970s, three at the Madden Gallery in Londonin the 1980s; ten at the Carter Gallery, Los Angeles from 1959-76; six at ACA Gallery in New York and three at the ACA Gallery in Rome during the 1960s & 1970s; five at the Chase Gallery, New York in the 1950s and 1960s, and three at the Galleria Margutta. His website lists additional one-man shows in Mexico City, Florence, Milan, Santa Barbara and England.