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Sugar Momma Apple Jacks
28" x 21" x 6"
Sugar Momma Apple Jacks
Sugar Momma Trix
Sugar Momma Frosted Flakes
Sugar Momma Cocoa Puffs
Sugar Momma Crunch Berries
Sugar Momma Cap'n Crunch
Sugar Momma 1
Sugar Momma 2
Sugar Momma 3

Ann Murphy

Category Product

Ann Murphy is an artist from Montreal, Quebec. Her artworks consist of paper-mache and acrylic paints. Often times, her subjects consist of animals. Ann is drawn to the texture and color that come from nature which reflects from her artwork. She has been a self employed artist for a few years. Her new work is vibrant and busy, some would say it is a reflection of my mind and the chaos that inhabits my thoughts. It is a beautiful chaos!