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Xan Padrón

Xan Padrón is a Galician photographer, musician and composer.

The son of an old-school journalist, Xan Padrón grew up used to be the silent observer who sees things quietly and finds stories everywhere. As a former profesional touring musician, traveling the world with his bass and his camera he was able to pursue his career as a photographer focused on the people around him.

Xan Padrón’s fascination with time and movement, coupled with an uncanny ability to disappear behind the lens, unnoticed by his subjects, brought him to the realization of how much life happens even at the most seemingly insignificant location of a city.

His work has been exhibited in Spain and the US. His portraits of artists have been published worldwide in newspapers, magazines, concert programs, posters and album covers. Xan Padrón is a resident of New York City where he lives and works with his wife: musician, composer, writer and educator Cristina Pato.

“I’m fascinated about how much life happens even at the most remote corner of a city. My itinerant life takes me around the world on a constant basis and I love walking around cities, finding a spot to sit for a couple of hours and, unnoticed, photograph random people passing by against a wall. I consider my works a kind of documentation of a city or a specific neighborhood. This series is not about the pictures I take but about the life that emanates from a moment of obsevation; a moment of pause”.

– Xan Padrón


For the “Time Lapse” series Xan Padrón sits on a single spot, unnoticed, for about 2 hours, photographing a sequence of people passing by against one unique background. These quotidian gestures, combined, create a unique narrative of life by a wall in a place in the world. Time Lapse: 1 place, 1 moment.


The series is an ongoing project that includes cities in Spain, USA, Dominican Republic, China, Italy, Portugal, Cuba, France, UK, Germany…