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Marshland I
5" x 7"
Oil on Canvas
Marshland I
Marshland II
The Big Three
It's all Downhill
Bright Future

Joanne Gervais

Joanne Gervais’s artwork is a delicate and striking balance of composition and depiction, all having an organic essence flowing through. This is the result of decades of training in life drawing and painting. Her deft use of colour and texture solidified by her training in the classical arts and now influenced by the hard edges of contemporary painting, combine to create a style that defines her work regardless of what subjects she chooses to depict. Joanne Gervais loves painting subjects as diverse as portraits, abstracts, sports and landscapes using all media but favouring oils and pastels, and now with Art Battles on the scene, acrylics. Her career is now encompassing sculpture, and with only a few workshops to date, she is showing a natural affinity for this new media. When Joanne is asked about her fine art career, she describes a perpetual struggle with painting, one that does not exist with sculpture. It has taken years of dedication to become an established artist, and Joanne expects that the latter half of her career will bring forth works with greater skill, increased sensitivity, more “creativeness”, more sculptures and a return in theme to nature, wildlife, equine and farm works and a series of political statement work.


Joanne wants her artwork to benefit the world around her in a positive, albeit small, way. That is the greatest motivation that she needs to continue the long lonely days that a professional artist experiences in the quest of creating the masterpieces that one hopes will leave some sort of mark or influence in the world that one lives in.