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Greg Dow

Greg Dow was born in 1952 in Regina, Saskatchewan. He has lived from coast to coast in Canada, Colorado in the United States, and in Northern France. He has been painting professionally since graduating from high school in North Bay, Ontario. Greg’s life experiences, both as a child often moving with family and through his travels as an adult, give him a broad perspective on life and art which is apparent in his work.


During his decades as a painter, he held many one-man shows, including exhibitions in F. D. Gallery in Kingston, Ontario, Nash Gallery in London, Ontario, Wallack Galleries in Ottawa, Shayne Gallery in Montreal, Quebec, Hollander York Gallery in Toronto, and Crisson & Hind Gallery in Hamilton, Bermuda.


Greg commits himself to full-time painting although an introspective pause in actively exhibiting allowed a re-examination of his goals following the realization that much of his audience responded to subject matter instead of appreciating abstract composition and a work’s execution for their own intrinsic value. The tension between the subject/vehicle and the abstract content of his paintings demanded reconciliation – at least to his personal comfort and satisfaction. Greg earned a degree in anthropology during this hiatus from the art world. The cultural insights gained in his studies along with a critical study of art history now allow a more profound exploration of his artistic voice.