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Dream Visitation 1
40" x 36"
Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas
Dream Visitation 1
Dream Visitation 6
Resemblance of Rock 2
The Promise 7
The Promise 25
When I see Onyx 6
When I see Onyx 17

Cobie Cruz

Painting is discovery. Every time you make a mark on canvas, all sorts of possibilities open up—and all sorts of visual challenges to which you have to find solutions. When you take a brush to canvas, you never know exactly how the painting is going to come to life.


Cobie Cruz’s challenge is to constantly push himself and test the limits of his imagination in the hope of creating impressions that are distinctly his. He began on a blank canvas without a preconception of the final outcome. He allowed things to develop according to my thoughts, feelings and moods and how these shift and change as my painting begins to unfold. He donesn’t start with a colour order, but find the colours as he goes throughout the process. The whole business of spotting the small areas of colour in the canvas, how the edges meet, how accidents are controlled—-all these things still fascinate him.


The colours in his paintings are juxtaposed to support and contrast. They are chosen to evoke thoughts and emotions. Cobie don’t fear change throughout the process. Images are often altered, destroyed, erased and even returned as he feels his way to the best way to bring a painting to life.