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The Iris Dance
48" x 48"
Oil on Canvas
The Iris Dance
Shapes and Colours
Standing Tall
Gladiols II
Cloud Nine
Scared Moment
Blues in the Night
Ruby I
Sunflowers I
Sunflowers II
In Full Bloom I
In Full Bloom II
Standing Tall III
And the Spring arrived
Roses in White Vase

Anne Van Mierlo

Anne Van Mierlo is a professional artist for the past 30 years. She has exhibitions in Montreal, Paris and Nice, Istanbul, Western Canada and the United States. Her works focuses on acrylic, oil, mono print, oil stick etc. Her continuous search to push the limits leads her to explore several directions and techniques.


Anne Van Mierlo has permanent exhibitions in the following galleries: The Shayne Gallery and Dimension Plus (work on paper) in Montreal, State Of The Art Gallery, Toronto. Aside from that she is also Co-founder of La Maison des Arts Rive-Sud (1997) St. Lambert, and teacher in painting. Her Private collection in Holland, Israel, South-Africa (consulate), France and Canada, specifically the Wilfrid Laurier University; the Red River Community College, Winnipeg, Manitoba; the White Mountain Academy of the Arts, Elliott Lake, Ontario, and Westin Hotel at Mont Tremblant.