Past and Future
30" x 30"
Mixed media and Acrylic


Alison Galvan

With an eye for design and a love for the outdoors, mixed media artist, Alison Galvan redefines the world of art. Her bas-relief fusion three dimensional pieces embody the wild yet, peaceful spirit within Alison. She has worked to create a safe haven in her lavish landscape pieces for her viewers; a place to rest a weary mind and to restore peace and a sense of calm. Galvan’s creative journey started in fashion design and after a bit of self discovery, her career flourished into the epic, awe inspiring pieces of work she creates today.


Born and raised among a very conservative family in Vancouver, BC, Alison Galvan seemingly stuck out with her free spirited nature. At a young age, Alison loved sports and the outdoors, preferring to play soccer and baseball over joining Girl Scouts. She furthers, “I was always a bit of square peg trying to fit in a round hole and while my brother was very academically inclined, I excelled in sports, creative writing, drama and home economics. When I was little I was always trying to build or construct wild inventions.”