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Borisonik, Violeta

Borisonik, Violeta

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Violeta was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and Visual Arts from the Ottawa School of Art.

Violeta Borisonik is a mixed media artist exploring the urban landscape. In the last years her work has evolved into a more geometric abstract style showing a strong influence of  her background as an Architect.

“Through my paintings I give people a chance to escape to a different reality. A happy place. I create idyllic small towns surrounded by hills and meadows where you can walk the narrow and dwindling streets and meet friends every day. The Pandemic made a strong impact in all of us exacerbating feelings of isolation and fear. I bring hope in my paintings by showing expressions of human contact: people embracing, kissing and holding hands are common elements.”

Violeta is a jewelry designer working primarily in sterling silver and fresh water pearls in a contemporary style.

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