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Karver, Sherry

Karver, Sherry

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Sherry Karver’s current series of photo-based work originates from photographs she took on city streets and in public spaces around the world. Her work expands the parameters of traditional painting and photography by combining them with digital technology, narrative text, and resin surface on wood panels. By blending these mediums, she can push beyond conventional boundaries and create a new hybrid.

Sherry’s work is informed by her experience living in large cities as it addresses issues we encounter living in any metropolitan area. Namely, her work tackles themes of loneliness and alienation in our fast-paced society, the concept of personal identity and the loss of it, the passage of time, the individual as part of the crowd, and, as the artist states, “how we can stand out from the sea of sameness, since we each have our own unique voices and stories to tell.

”Because of her interest in identity and anonymity, Sherry began writing text over some of the figures in her photos in an attempt to personalize them and make them stand out from the people around them. These brief biographies are from Sherry’s imagination, which she creates based on their appearance or stance in the photo. By using text in her work, Sherry gives the viewer a chance to engage with the artwork in a different way.Although she starts with a digital print, Sherry implements the old master technique of applying layers of oil glaze to her compositions which she then finishes with a coat of UV resin. The glossy finish of her work also allows the viewer to see his or her own reflection in the composition, creating a deeper connection between each piece and the individual looking at it.

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