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Fannin, Shan

Fannin, Shan

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Born 1969 in California, artist Shannon “Shan” Fannin brings vehicles to life with a combination of photorealism and abstraction. Painting in a unique style using acrylics, hands, and brushes allows her to focus on the vehicle while giving a hint of the abstract surroundings. Fannin travels internationally to photograph vehicles and talk with their owners to enhance her creative process.

Shan’s large paintings are primarily created in acrylics (pens, spray, hard/soft body, and ink), although she will occasionally incorporate gouache, ink, or water-soluble graphite into them. She is a great fan of color, and enjoys bringing chrome and carbon fiber to life. She strives to connect with her viewers/collectors on a personal level by depicting vehicles from their past, or those they wish to own. Her goal is to be one of the finest vehicle artists in the world.

Shan Fannin has had 3 solo exhibitions in Colorado, Florida, and Texas. She has shown in national galleries throughout the United States including exhibitions through National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society, International Guild of Realism, and American Women Artists. In March 2021 she received Best of Show with the International Guild of Realism, and she became a finalist for the Art Renewal Center exhibition, which included almost 5000 entries from over 80 countries. In 2020 Shan was awarded Best Composition in the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society Best of America. She has been published in Korean, Greek, British, and American publications including Motortrend, PoetsArtists, American Art Collector, and Fine Art Connoisseur Blog, and Where Women Create. Fannin artworks are currently available through 33 Contemporary and Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, Abend Galleries in Denver, and Shayne Gallery in Quebec, Canada.

Artist’s Statement

Vehicles are more than appliances to get us from Point A to B – they are mobile sculptures that reflect our personality. My paintings capture some of that personality with the vehicles from our past, or those we dream of one day driving. The greatest compliment I receive is when my viewer not only appreciates the subject depicted, but happily shares memories/dreams of why the painting speaks personally with them.

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