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Maucotel, Jocelyne

Maucotel, Jocelyne

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Passionate about painting since her childhood, Jocelyne Maucotel took advantage of a training in plastic arts at the Collège International de Marie de France before undertaking studies in medicine that culminated in 1983 with obtaining a specialty in anesthesiology and the beginning of her medical career at CHUM Hôspital Notre-Dame.

Jocelyne Maucotel’s artistic career begins to take shape in the early 2000s during private lessons with the painter Pierre Desjardins in his studio of the Canal Lachine. She then participated in working groups with renowned artists such as David Leffel, Steven Assael and Karl Dobsky, as well as outdoor landscaping sessions with Ken Auster and Ken Backhaus. Finally, for three years, she perfected the technique of drawing in Brésoles workshop in Old Montreal, led by Allana Benham and Eric Mannella, graduates of New York Art Academy.

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