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Shaw, Elsbeth

Shaw, Elsbeth

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A Circular Process. Elsbeth paints draws and creates using hundreds, often thousands of circles full of colour. Symmetry and Style. History and Context. A continuous body of work, a ‘Runway Show’.

Her voracious love of Art History draws upon the genres of OpArt, PopArt, Architecture and Fashion as she creates something new and all her own. With perfect colour sensibility and a unique style aesthetic she symmetrically, architecturally and symbolically builds a beautiful pattern genre utilising both the most serene and subtle tones – to the brightest most powerful shades.

With a passion born from architectural precision and organic mark making and inspired by Artisits Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, Yayoi Kusama and Anni Albers.. The sketches of Karl and Manolo.. Combined with an academic love of fashion past and present, and a restless and unapologetic design sense she has built a narrative completely her own. Early works on paper with chalk led her on a path exploring numerous methods and mediums, oils, acrylics, searching for a more precise finish she began painting with a modern brush set.

“When I began to embrace technology as my paintbrush, my colours, my canvas, I found my work was marked by the exactness and accuracy of expression and detail that I had been constantly striving towards”

Elsbeth sews together imagery made to measure, to the highest standards, unmatched skill and attention to every detail. A Couture approach to making Art.

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