Ed Ruscha is an American artist associated with the pop art movement. He has worked in the media of painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, and film. Ruscha lives and works in Culver City, California. He achieved recognition for paintings incorporating words and phrases and for his many photographic books, all influenced by the deadpan irreverence of the Pop Art movement. His textual, flat paintings have been linked with both the Pop Art movement and the beat generation.  

For his Pop Art movement, each image goes through four runs of four copper plates. They are each produced as a photogravure 4-color separation. The artist selected and photographed offset-lithographic images. From these transparencies, enlargements are made to the finished image size on continuous-tone positive film. A piece of sensitized  carbon tissue is adhered to the copper plate coated with an asphalt aquatint ground. All proofing and printing is done by hand with intaglio methods.

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