Architecture Edition: 1/5
78.8" x 39.4"
Diasec Mounted Photograph
Architecture Edition: 1/5
Film V6 Bookscape
Television Edition: 1/5
Rock W8
Rock 11
Film W2
Exemplary Woman Edition: 2/5
Travel 2 Edition: 2/5
Spiritual Edition: 1/5
Science Edition: 2/5
Rock & Roll B&W Edition: 4/5
Photorealism Edition: 1/5
Art 10 Bookscape
Film SQ
RockVWH 1/5
Rock B
Art BL3 Edition: 2/5
Fashion WT Edition: 3/5
Art BL Bookscape
Art 7 Bookscape
Rock W V
Rock V8 Bookscape
Rock 6 Bookscape
Arte V5 Bookscape
Film 6 Bookscape
Film A Bookscape
Film 5 Bookscape
R and R 4
Film N Edition: 5/5
Philodophy Edition: 1/5
History Edition: 2/5
Travel 2
Art 9


Max-Steven Grossman’s photographic series of “Bookscapes” the assembled libraries only exist in his photographs. From photos of different bookshelves, he reorganizes them into a creative digital composition of a new thematic “Bookscape”. The relationship each viewer experiences is almost immediately personal depending on the theme of the particular assembled library and the viewers relationship to that theme. Some examples of “Bookscape” themes are Hollywood, Rock and Roll, Fashion, Architecture, Art, etc