De Monte Carlo
36" x 48"
Mixed Media on Canvas
De Monte Carlo
7:30PM Sharp
Lights out here
Comes with his Free
Meet me there



Victor Colesnicenco

Victor Colesnicenco, Nemo, as he is known to his friends, remembers being fascinated by the carvings and other craftworks that surrounded him. In particular he loved paintings and from an early age he was determined to become an artist.


Nemo began intense inquiry into the style and techniques of the famous painters and formed a particular interest in the work of the Surrealists. He enrolled in art school but did not enjoy the strict academic style of the Russian based academy and abandoned his traditional training in favor of practical experience. His talent flourished and soon he was organizing large outdoor art fairs to show his work and that of other young artists.


There’s a few contemporary artists out there going by the name of Nemo, aswell as a certain animated fish who has a habit of getting lost, yet the one we’re concerning ourselves with here is none other than Victor Colesnicenco. Or Nemo as he’s referred to by his friends. Think Brazilian footballer and their abbreviated and/or pet names if in doubt. Landscapes – and in particular, cityscapes – are Nemo’s contemporary artistic game, although he does turn his hand to still life periodically, whilst in terms of themes and the all prevailing one which runs through the bulk of the artist’s work is one of travel and discovery. Nemo cites the excitement of the discovery of new and beautiful places amongst his favourite things, which is instantly observed in his typical compositional works.