The World is Talking Now
36" x 36"
Deep, Mixed Media on Canvas
The World is Talking Now
What I mean is, it's him AND me!
Barbados lime is just the thing
Otherwise, I am just spinning my wheels here
We're the Catholic Pete, Link and Julie.
You and Me till the wheels fall off

Maryann Hendriks

Maryann Hendriks was born in 1964, raised in Dorchester, a small rural town of South Western Ontario, Canada. An Art Major graduate of Bealart, with a Photographic diploma from Fanshawe College, each earned at London, Ontario; working long term independently, and guided by her mentor at the craft of painting Fine Art, these sum up her artistic training.


Maryann worked many years as an entrepreneur, always harbouring a desire to paint professionally. 2005 saw opportunity for her to relocate to the Okanagan area of British Columbia and begin that journey. Transgressing through traditional stylized Canadian Landscape painting and experimenting with Abstraction, she now finds her language in a brightly coloured Semi-abstract Still Life genre. A lifelong love of flowers clearly evident. Late 2012 found Maryann in a new home closer to family and friends in Preston Centre, Ontario. Her studio and gallery now occupies a formidable portion of her urban red brick century home.


Maryann has exhibited with the Federation of Canadian Artists frequently, and has indeed acquired signature member status.