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Caroline Benchetrit

Caroline Benchetrit is a self taught painter, sculptor and designer. She left behind a business and academic career including an MBA and PH.D (ABD) at Montreal’s Ivy League McGill University in 1996 to pursue her artistic dream. Her life size bronze and ceramic sculptures and paintings are collected on three continents including North America, Europe and Asia. Her works have been exhibited through galleries, globally and her reviews have been widely published in accredited art journals. In September of 2008 Inside Entertainment Magazine, featured her as One of Canada’s top 6 up and coming artists. In the year 2000 the Guggenheim Museum of New York recommended her works to an animation producer and she has since created four cartoon properties currently marketed globally to networks for television and the World Wide Web. In 2000, Benchetrit moved into the digital design medium and has since created a branded portfolio of surface and product designs combining original art and digital art. Benchetrit’s designs continue to be branded through successful manufacturer and retail licenses in North America. Her narrative style “Is inspired by a world without rules, combining color and composition, reminding us of a passionate moment where joy breaks all boundaries and dreams come true if you believe they do!”